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A Unique Spa Experience - Skintelligence has exclusively chosen an exquisite range of high performance facials, indulgent spa body treatments and homecare products to support your skin with your well being in mind. Our therapies incorporate principles of modern knowledge and ancient wisdom to provide a sense of well being and tranquillity, paving the way to a balanced living.

Germaine de Capuccini is a Spanish cosmeceutical and organic skin and body care line that has created multi active formulations to deliver to you remarkable, highly visible and clinically proven results. With the successful combination of natural ingredients combined with cutting edge technology, Germaine de Capuccini strives to maintain and offer beautiful luminous skin as well as creating the ultimate spa experience. Offering an effective cosmeceutical range and an environmentally responsible organic range in both skin and body care, Germaine de Capuccini offers an extensive range to treat serious skin and body conditions, some of which include pigmentation, acne, rosecsea, deep wrinkles, cellulite and skin and body lifting..


At Skintelligence we offer a vast array of facials so we can tailor make your facial treatment to suit your specific skin needs on the day of your booking.

Better than Botox Facial
Visible results after just one treatment. Inspired by micro injections this facial is a fast and effective solution especially for expression wrinkles. Using Germaine De Capuccini’s unique peptide formula Micro-dermoxine, this treatment helps to correct and fill expression lines, dimishing the depth and length of wrinkles to prevent further development.

90 mins $170
Prepay 4 and receive the 5th facial free $680

Divine Lift Facial
With this professional treatment your flaccidity problems and loss of facial volume will undergo great improvement with visible results after just one treatment. Reshape and ReDensify your face and neck.

90 minutes $170
Prepay 4 and receive the 5th facial free $680

Hydra Power Facial
Water levels of less than 10% within the skin the skin can be damaging to the long term health of the skin and lead to premature aging. To help avoid premature ageing this thermal spring water facial increases water levels up to 22% and recharges the skin with concentrated hyaluronic acid to draw moisture molecules to your skin.

60 minutes $148
Prepay 4 and receive the 5th facial free $592

Pure Expert Balancing Facial (oily/acne skins)
Perfect for skins that are actively breaking out . For men and women who are suffering from oily, congested or acne skins. A deep enzyme exfoliation, steam extractions, lymphatic drainage massage, a high performance cleansing mask and high frequency will leave the skin perfectly balanced.

60 mins $148

Oxygen o2 Facial
Perfect for those aged 25 and over who are concerned about the first signs of ageing. O2 works in a highly intelligent way to increase cellular activity and allow the skin to absorb more oxygen, leaving the skin looking and feeling younger, while looking firmer, toned and radiant. A truly stunning treatment and one of the most popular Germaine de Capuccini facials.

60 mins $148
Prepay 4 and receive the 5th free $592

Vitamin C Facial
The very first professional Anti-Glycation treatment on the market today. Glycation is one of the main causes of skin ageing and is a chemical reaction mainly caused by the excess of sugar we ingest but also oxidative stress and UV radiation. The A.G.E. (Advanced Glycation End Products) are molecules generated by the glycation process. These molecules accelerate the ageing process, causing the degeneration of collagen and elastin fibre. The skin is left looking dull and flaccid with expression lines and wrinkles more pronounced. This advanced treatment is based on pure Vitamin C combined with Ume Extract, a type of Japanese plum containing twice as many proteins and minerals than any other fruit, which works to inhibit the action of glycation. One treatment provides an immediate, intense luminosity, 4 weekly treatments provide a lasting revitalizing effects.60 mins $148
Prepay 4 and receive the 5th facial free $592

Skin Renewal Facial

Instantly improves the texture, clarity and translucency of your skin. This will delicately exfoliate your skin, soften the congestion with ease of extractions. Great to erase open pores and to deep clean and hydrate your skin. A great alternative to microdermabrasion.

60 mins $145

Express Glycocure Facial
A quick renewal facial offering maximum results in minimal time. The skin is deeply exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and help with fine lines and pigmentation. Perfect for smoothing, rejuvenating, hydrating and boosting your skins overall appearance in a flash.

30mins $65
Prepay 5 and receive the 6th facial free $325
Or add to any facial $45

Royale Elixer Facial
Packed with natural goodness, this nourishing elixir will combat signs of stress and fatigue. This will strengthen your skin to seal any cracks and damage created by incorrect product usage or long term aggressive treatments. Great for first time facial and particularly if you’re using a mixture of products at home.

60 mins $130

Prescriptive Facial
Germaine de Capuccini provides extensive training to all therapists working with the range. Allow us to treat your skin on a completely individual basis choosing the right products to treat your skin.
Your treatment includes a stunning double cleanse, a deeply renewing exfoliation, mask and relaxing massage. If you are unsure about your skin, leave it to the experts.

75 mins, $100-$200

Luminosity Facial
A complete and powerful anti-ageing treatment capable of preventing and correcting the appearance of dark spots. The treatment will provide immediately visible and spectacular results. Using a powerful glycolic facial peel, it provides instant radiance to the skin, reducing areas of pigmentation and giving the skin a more even tone.

60mins $148
Prepay 4 and receive the 5th facial free $592

Thirsty Skin with 100% Collagen
This amazing treatment is a face, eye and neck treatment in one! Using 100% marine collagen and an array of plant and marine ingredients this facial hydrates and protects the skin helping to restore the skins optimum water level and revive your skin back to its healthy state. The result is dewy, glowing skin!

60mins $145

Amour for Men
Men’s increasing workload along with stress, daily shaving and environmental factors, mean that their skin suffers, leaving it with a grey and tired appearance. Facial features are accentuated, irritation increases and the appearance of signs of ageing accelerates. This treatment rich in Vitamin C eliminates toxins and enhances skin luminosity, fighting wrinkles, skin fatigue and the symptoms of premature ageing.

60mins $148
Prepay 4 and receive the 5th facial free $592

Thirsty Skin Facial
Your skin is thoroughly cleansed and then exfoliated to remove dead skin cells. Relax with your massage and hydration mask. This is followed with moisture protection that will reveal skin that is hydrated, soft and supple. This facial is also available for those wanting to indulge in our deluxe upgrades.

60mins $100

Enhance your Facial Journey
Your therapist can help prescribe the best upgrade to your facial for an amplified result. We have an array of options and your skin will enjoy all the attention.

Rose Petal Mask: soothe redness and emotionally stressed skin

Detoxifying Rubber Mask: an energy boost to vacuum seal active ingredients

Ampoule Booster: infuse hydration, pigmentation, collagen, multivitamin, vitamin c

High Frequency: get rid of active infection and pimples

Parrafin Mask: alleviate dry cracked hands and feet with a warm peel off mask

Aqua Eye patches: turn those lines around your eyes inside out, one application lasts weeks

Pinda heated Energy Massage: say goodbye to stress and rebalance your tired body

Microdermabrasion: intensify and deep cleanse your skin instead of our glycocure peel

Glycocure Peel with extractions: 30% aha peel to deep cleanse and hydrate

Collagen Mask: perfect before a special event

15 mins $30-$45

Better than Botox eye and lip treatment
Helps prevent and target premature aging. The eye area is a delicate vulnerable area and shows the first signs of the ageing process with fine lines appearing and as time progresses, deeper wrinkles.
This treatment is recommended for anyone aged 25 and over and it can be performed as a treatment on its own or alongside any of our facial therapies.
Working with Micro-Dermoxine Complex, an exclusive combination of peptides with a specific anti-wrinkle effect, this intensive treatment neutralizes skin micro-tensions & fills in expression lines. Timexpert Eye therapy has been formulated following research into Botox and Collagen Replacement therapy, but with a truly non-invasive skin care approach that shows astonishingly good results. Exclusive combination of peptides with a specific anti-wrinkle effect.
For the best results, always use a good eye product at home day and night. The Timexpert Rides Eye Duo (Day Emulsion and Night Mask) is the perfect product for lines and wrinkles.


Diamond Skin Treatments
Face and Neck $120
Face, neck & Decolletage $150
Add an ampoule infusion $150
Buy 6 treatments & receive the 7th free $900
Add to any facial $45

One treatment $120
Add Microdermabrasion $150
Add ampoule Infusion $150
Buy 6 treatments and receive the 7th free $900
Eyelift 30 minutes $65
Buy 6 eyelifts with Prolift and receive the 7th free $390

E.G.F Facial – world’s FIRST without injections and surgical intervention
“Correct the effects of the passing of time”
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