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A Unique Spa Experience - Skintelligence has exclusively chosen an exquisite range of high performance facials, indulgent spa body treatments and homecare products to support your skin with your well being in mind. Our therapies incorporate principles of modern knowledge and ancient wisdom to provide a sense of well being and tranquillity, paving the way to a balanced living.

Germaine de Capuccini is a Spanish cosmeceutical and organic skin and body care line that has created multi active formulations to deliver to you remarkable, highly visible and clinically proven results. With the successful combination of natural ingredients combined with cutting edge technology, Germaine de Capuccini strives to maintain and offer beautiful luminous skin as well as creating the ultimate spa experience. Offering an effective cosmeceutical range and an environmentally responsible organic range in both skin and body care, Germaine de Capuccini offers an extensive range to treat serious skin and body conditions, some of which include pigmentation, acne, rosecsea, deep wrinkles, cellulite and skin and body lifting..

Body Therapies

Aromatic Massage
A Swedish Massage incorporating the healing aromas of pure essential oils. Your therapist will help you choose from the following blends to deliver the best massage for your individual needs.
30 minutes $45, 60 minutes $75, 90 minutes $135

Stimulating Massage- Vitality (madarin, nutmeg,lime,italian lemon)

Relaxing massage- Relax ( Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli, violet & ylang ylang

Firming/circulatory massage- Active (spearmint, clary sage, cinnamon leaf)

Shaping Massage –Svelte ( Cedarwood, Juniper and lavender

Moisturising – Aqua (Geranium, patchouli and coriander)

Back Blitz
Indulge in a cleansing ritual to balance your skin where it’s hard to reach. Soothe tired muscles with a stress relief massage finishing touches include a skin specific cream to nourish and protect. Just decadent.

45 minutes $60

Pinda Energy Massage
This ritual is an exotic massage that will help encourage balance, comfort and well being. Its carried out using Pindas of energy stones (little Christmas puddings filled with heated volcanic rocks), warming and invigorating your muscles. Just Beautiful.

60 mins $99

Exotic Mediterranean Scrub
Perfect for tired and dull skin / anti-ageing.Rich in antioxidants, this exfoliation ritual combines Mediterranean-inspired ingredients including olive stones, grade seeds and Moroccan Argan shell to remove dead skin cells and fight against free radicals that can cause premature ageing.

60 mins $75

Vitamin C Polish
This body polish smells divine and helps to give the skin a big boost of vitamin C . Great after some time in the sun. Perfect for nourishing and brightening skin as it gives firmness and radiance.

60mins $80

Pearl Glow Body Exfoliation 60 mins
A refreshing scrub containing crushed pearl powder helps re-mineralise and invigorate the mind and body. A soothing lotion is then applied to rehydrate the skin.

60mins $99